Aikido for children

Aikido for children is on the top priority at our school “Yoshinkan Budo”.The children are comprehensively and harmonious developed with influence of our lessons. The regular attendance  lead to physical development, health promotion and social integration in a group.

The certification system in the school Yoshinkan Budo teaches children to  set up the  goals and priorities of their desires. If the children are willing to get a certificate for a higher level (kyu), they will put more effort in the training. Children will spend time on achieving the goal instead of playing video games.

The main platform of the Aikido study are skills to use a proper technique “ukemi” (somersault back and front) in order to prevent traumas while learning techniques. Another important point in the study of Aikido for children, it is a GPP (general physical preparation). All the exercises help children develop body flexibility, coordination and agility. Gaming exercises develop flexible thinking, which is needed for making quick and optimal decisions.

The rules in the Dijo ( the room for the Aikido training) have to be followed by everyone. Due to these rules discipline, respect and control over emotions are developed. The accuracy and aesthetics are polished  with the constant care of kimono.

Ukrainian Foundation Yoshinkan Aikido Budo teaches Aikido not  directly in the Dojo only. Various seminars Yoshinkan Aikido masters from Ukraine, Poland, Russia and Japan are organised from time to time as well as the summer and winter sports camps where training is combined with an active rest. Sometimes the tours united with training  are held in different cities in Ukraine.Through these activities children actively get to know the world, get new friends and build up their own position in the society.

Yoshinkan Instructors always keep an eye on the maintaining the positive atmosphere, that children can treat each other in a good way and share the great mood during training.