Aikido for Girls

Aikido gains popularity among girls. All because this is not an aggressive style of martial arts. Its main goal is to achieve harmony of body and mind.

The basic principle of Aikido is to use force of an opponent against him. It is expressed in the following example: when the opponent you pushes you don’t confront his power and redirect it, and use it to perform the techniques of self-defense. That is why in Aikido extraordinary physical force is not required.

While practicing Aikido girls develop will power and the ability to overcome psychological barriers. Doing techniques against physically stronger partner develop self-confidence.

A number of exercises used in Yoshinkan Aikido training develop flexibility of the body, gracefulness and flexibility of movements. The intensity of classes always helps maintain yourself in good physical and psychological shape.

Studying the principles of Aikido, you can always use them in everyday life. This is reflected in decisions in stressful situations. You can control emotions and objectively assess the situation, customize your mood and achieve objectives.