Private classes

Private classes are the opportunity to study Aikido Yoshinkan directly supervised by Sensei (teacher). When choosing this form of training, schedule and lessons’ plan are tuned specifically for you.

In today's world, with its frenetic pace and constant stresses Aikido classes allow to switch your mind from one activity to another, thus keeping yourself in good physical shape.

Individual approach enhances and the effect from the classes and accelerates study of the basics and ukemi (falls). Strong knowledge of basics provides solid foundation to further study of the principles and techniques of Aikido.

Constant maintenance and techniques control, which provides Sensei (teacher) during classes, promotes proper practice of techniques. During each class you repeat many times various exercises and techniques. If elements and skills are remembered incorrectly in the beginning, it is difficult to fit it later.

For all students of Yoshinkan Budo school seminars and training travels abroad Poland, Russia, and Japan are organized. This is an opportunity to get acquainted with teaching methods of other Senseis, get new experience, and interesting dialogue with people who study Aikido.

The system of attestation exams that exists in the school promotes continuous skill’s development, improving skills and achieving strong understanding of Aikido Yoshinkan martial art.

The high level of knowledge of the instructors of Yoshinkan Budo school is recognized and supported by appropriate diplomas of the International Yoshinkan Aikido Foundation with center in Tokyo, Japan.