Intensive Course

Ukrainian Foundation Yoshinkan Budo offers for people interested in advanced studying of the art of Aikido Yoshinkan,the course Senshusei (intensive)

The student has to attend more than 500 hours of training in one year. It includes hours of practical training, seminars, sport camps and time spent as assistant of the instructor for children training.

Intensive course student can participate in training of all groups in Yoshinkan School of Budo.

The course duration starts at the beginning of the registration and it lasts 12 months, at the end of the course the student has the right to apply for 1dan (black belt). Participation itself in this course doesn’t mean getting the black belt (1 dan).

The exam will be held by 3 masters of school with the highest dan levels.

The student is automatically excluded from the course in case of missing the classes without a serious reason. The same rule is applied if student has a disease that enables him to attend training for more than 1 week.

The course consists of hard training that requires the constant practice of moral qualities, physical fitness, and desire to learn the principles of Aikido.

Everyone more than 18 year old can assign for intensive course. Extra pshysical training it is not required.A disciple of Yoshinkan Budo school can start training in Senshusei as well.

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