Kamae - basic shape

Kamae (KAMAE) – studying Kmae you develop: breathing force, center line force, the power that appears from the unification of the body, develop your Ki (sense of balance), timing (when practice in pairs). In this position body takes the form of triangular pyramid wide at its base and narrow at the top. This provides stability and creates a stable position, best to start fast motion.

In Aikido are two main position:

Migi Hanmi/Мігі Ханмі - right-sided position,

Hidari Hanmi/Хідарі Ханмі - left-sided position.

Careful study of the basic positions is very important, because not only all Aikido techniques start with them, but mastering them you creat the right mental attitude.

It is important to follow these rules:

- legs should be at 90 degrees angles, and at a distance of one and a half feet,
- one arm - at chest level, the other - at the waist level,
- fingers should be stretched, the back and waist are needed to keep straight,
- firmly hold the posture, trying to feel the flow of power from the legs to the tips of the fingers,
- the sight is concentrated on the bottom of the opponent’s throat, while holding his whole body in sight.