8 Dan Joe Thambu Shihan Seminar in Bytom, Poland

7 - 8 May 2016 Ukrainian delegation visited the Yoshinkan Foundation Workshop 8 Joe Thambu Shihan Dan AYF, organized organization Aikido Shudokan Poland. The event was held in Bytom, which is in the province of Silesia in southern Poland. Sensei Joe Tambo - one of the students of aikido founder Gozo Shioda. Founder Shudokan school. Aikido began studying at the age of 11 years. In the practice sensei focuses not only on the appearance of technology, but also on the applied aspect done engineering. With this seminar, our delegation learned for a great amount of knowledge in the applied aspect of Aikido and got good experience with weapons. The seminar was organized at a high level. We thank Sensei Joe Thambu for a seminar and an incredible amount of knowledge obtained from maystra.Takozh thank the organizers of the seminar Aikido Shudokan Poland for the excellent organization of the event.