New horizons and knowledge

This weekend (16-17 July) a seminar led by Yoshinkan Aikido Sensei Vladimir Vaschyshyn, 5 Dan and Sensei Alexey Yachmenev, 3 Dan was held. Seminar was organized by Ukrainian Aikido Yoshinkan Federation.

The seminar was attended by many students from Lviv, Kyiv, Dolyna and Suhovolia regions.

The seminar paid special attention to the work of the Kamae, the central line and interaction with uke, application timing, imbalance and impact on partner through movement.

We thank all our students for your efforts during the seminar. We thank instructors for tireless work on the mat. We thank all the kids for discipline and cohesion. We thank parents because their weekends spent with us. Special thanks to our photographers Tatiana Ostrovska and Roman Semen for your work and the ability to keep the memory of these bright moments.

We welcome you in the upcoming activities of our organization.