Gashukku 2016. Carpathian Mountains.

From 14-th to 21-st of August the summer sports camp "Hashuku 2016" was held. In a nutshell - gashuku (jap., Hashuku) - a training camp. What Gashuku different from the usual camp, recreation or other sports camp? Gashuku - boot camp, typical martial arts. Gashuku offer more training is deeper than regular classes in the hall. This is achieved by creating certain environmental conditions, day treatment regime training area in which to camp. Venue camp can vary and include different classes in different conditions: in the gym, outdoors in the forest, the mountains or the sea. During training or employment, the accumulated fatigue from school, university, stress, job issues. Parents want during the holidays to improve children. In every adult on this occasion their ideas and their capabilities, go on vacation the family to send a child to relatives or camp general direction with unfamiliar teachers, educators and animators. Always topical issue - active or passive recreation. What we want to see their child after the summer? In our view, for children who do, are better suited for summer sports camps Gashuku. Summer holidays should be positive, health promotion, education firmness of spirit and character, gain new and old deepening knowledge, expansion of communication, gain experience independent living. Gashuku - work at themselves. This year's camp took place in the village of rotten Skole district, Lviv region and gave our students the opportunity to not only deepen their knowledge of Aikido, but also to share experiences and gain new knowledge and familiarity with camp participants tantsyualnoho "BALLET - DANCE". Age of the youngest camp participants 5 years. So we thank parents for their confidence in our organization and that tireless work for the sake of our children who, doing together with you. We welcome you to our camp next year.