Lviv Regional Aikido Yoshinkan Championship

On October 8-th Lviv regional Yoshinkan Aikido championship was held. It was attended by over 100 participants from Lviv, Dolinsky and suhovolskoho cells. We thank instructors of Samborska Faith Butsu Maxim, Kolodiy Yuliana, Yachmenevu Alex, Baluk games Krentsevu Dmitry, Vasilenko Love for the preparation and organization of the competition. Thank director and chief instructor of Vladimir Vaschyshynu for the high quality of the event. Children of all centers showed their best ability and desire to win. We wish our aykidokam not to stop, to improve their level of skill and conquer new heights. Thank you parents for supporting all participants. Special thanks to the children and parents of our Dolinsky cell that despite the long journey was with us that day.