A child training seminar was held in Dolyna on the 15-th of October

On October 15-th in Dolyna, Ivano-Frankivsk Region a Children training seminar was held and led by Vladimir Vaschyshyn, 5dan Yoshinkan Aikido. The seminar was attended by over 100 people from Dolinsky, Lviv and suhovolskoho cells. After the seminar, the participants of the Lviv branch expected to tour the museum and Boikivshchyna Goshiv monastery. Ukrainian Federation of Aikido Yoshinkan thanks the head of Ivano-Frankivsk cell Dmitry Krentsivu for the invitation and organization of the event. Thank Valley city administration for their support and assistance in the development Dolinsky cell. Instructors of Maxim Buts, Samborskiy Lubov Vasilenko, Igor Baluk, Taras Lavriv for your work on the mat for training and development of all children. Chief Instructor of Vladimir Vaschyshyn for a seminar and efficiently transfer knowledge younger generation. Separately thank all workshop participants and their parents for what was with us that day, studied and shared their experience with each other.