Aikido Yoshinkan Open Cup Suhovola October 8, 2017

On Sunday, October 8, the public house of the Sukhovol settlement was opened Aikido Yoshinkan Cup among children and juniors, timed to the defender's day Of Ukraine.
The event was attended by over 80 participants of different ages groups All-Ukrainian Federation Aikido Yoshinkan expresses its gratitude Head of the Youth and Sport sector of the Horodoksky District Council Oksana Shlomskaya and the head of Sukhovolskaya Village Council Andriy Torba assisted in the development of aikido in the region.
Head of Sukhovolsky Center Igor Balyuk For a great contribution to the development and popularization of aikido among the population. Head of the Federation Volodymyr Vashchyshyn for a well organized and held event. All federation instructors for working on improving your students' skill.
All participants for their efforts and judges for your work during the event. Osu!