On November 18 - 19, the International Aikido Yoshinkan Seminar was held in Lviv

On November 18 - 19, the International Workshop on Aikido Yoshinkan was held in Lviv under the direction of Sensei Yuri Kerpany, 5 dan (Boyokan Aikido dojo Brno, Czech Republic) and Michael Buchko, 2 dan (Aikido Yoshinkan Kraków, Poland) hosted by Yoshinkan Aikido Lviv .
  During the seminar, the great role of Sensei was given to the basic movement, the basic principles of aikido, and also judo weight. Participated in the workshop More than 200 participants from different regions and got new ones useful knowledge and experience work with different partners.
Our organization is glad to see next to the Tatami of our friends from Kiev, Dojo Meishinkan and its head Tatyana Ostrovska
Thanks to Roman Semen, Rostislav Pavlik and Oleg Martinevich for great photos.
We thank the federation instructors and the senior students for their help during the children's part of the seminar! Osu!