We invite you to Ando Sensei 8 Dan Seminar

On March 23-26 in Lviv will be held a training seminar under the guidance of a master from Japan, the head of the International Federation Aikido Yoshinkan Ryu Tsuneo Ando 8 dan.

Training schedule:
23/03 - 19:00 - 21:00 Adults (Zamarstynivska St., 9)

24 / 03-25 / 03

10: 00-12: 00 children 5-8 years
12: 30-14: 30 children 9-13 years
16: 30-19: 30 adults

Address: Stusa 4 (SK Dynamo)

Tsuneo Ando Ando Senso

8 Dan Aikido Yoshinkan

Born on October 25, 1956. He began training in 1975 at the Takushima University in Takushimo Prefecture under the leadership of TaiSuke Kudo, where he received the 2nd Daikon Aikido Aikikai. However, shortly thereafter, he moved to Yoshinkan Aikido, captured by the powerful techniques of Kancho Gozo Sioda, founder Yoshinkan Aikido. For 14 years, Tsuneo Ando studied as a "learning dehis", that is, a student living at Yoshinkan headquarters. After that, he received the 6th Dan and the title "Shihan". He accompanied Gozo Sioda Sensei to the United States in June 1987 during his visit to Las Vegas, Nevada, and, in a few years, in September, to Detroit, Michigan. In 1996, Ando Sensei founded Yoshinkan Aikido "Ryu" and continues to study and study Aikido in Chiba Prefecture and beyond. Yoshinkan Aikido "Ryu" is the organization of Aikido, headed by the Shihan of Tsuneo Ando (8 Dana Yoshinkan Aikido). The organization is located in Chiba Prefecture, and teaches the largest number of students in Japan, Yoshinkan Aikido (more than 700 people). The organization has its own dojo in Urayasu, Funabasi, Chiba City, Matsuda and Nissi. The purpose of teaching Ando Sensie is to comprehend the Chu-Sin Ryukyu principle, or to focus on energy, as Kancho Gozo Sioda taught, and Ando Sensei studied aikido.

Unlike the techniques that are performed chiefly at the expense of strength, Aikido Ando Sensei is characterized by a set of techniques that do not allow the opponent to feel that you are an "enemy." The ultimate goal of Ando Sensei is to study and train aikido in such a way that it is accessible to everyone.