International Aikido Seminar under the guidance of Sensei Tsuneo Ando

On March 23-25, an international aikido seminar was conducted under the guidance of Sensei Tsuneo Ando. Sensei Ando is one of the most famous masters of Aikido Yoshinkan and currently owns 8 dan. Techniques of Ando Sensei impress the spectacle and power of execution.
The seminar was attended by a large number of students from different regions of Ukraine.
During the class, students were able to practice a large number of techniques, as well as listen to the philosophy of Aikido and see this art through the eyes of the wizard.
On March 26, during the final day of the seminar, all practitioners were able to practice Buki Waza
Buki Waza - training with weapons. Extremely useful exercises to study the right distance (maai - 間 合 い). Repeatedly repeated entrances and exits from the zones of weapon damage develop an intuitive sense of distance and timing - qualities that are critically needed when working with and without weapons.
Gun training is a great way to learn the principles of attack and protection lines.
And for the remainder, sensei Tsuneo Ando received the certification of our students.
Our students have shown themselves in the best way and have demonstrated a high level of skill.

The All-Ukrainian Federation of Aikido Yoshinkan congratulates:
Yachmen Aleksey with the receipt of 4 given aikido yoshinkan
Gamal Yuriy, Shargut Khrystyna with successful attestation for 1 dan.
We wish you success, inspiration, great motivation in further training, high goals and worthy of their accomplishment!