Seminar under the direction of Volodymyr Vashchyshyn, 6 Dan Aikido Yoshinkan in the city of Dolyna 19.05.2018

On Saturday, May 19, a workshop led by Volodymyr Vashchyshyn, 6 Dan Aikido Yoshinkan was held in Dolyna in the Fukutsokan Dojo. The workshop was aimed at working in the aspect of practical application of aikido yoshinkan (goshin vasa). The participants of the seminar were children and adults from Dolyna and Lviv regions of the All-Ukrainian Federation Aikido Yoshinkan. We are grateful to Sensei for transferring knowledge to the younger generation. We express our gratitude to Taras Lavriv for his great contribution to the development of Aikido Yoshinkan in the Dolinsky region and for the wonderful organization of the event.