Congratulations on the certification of 2 Dan

Do you know how much strength, time and patience you need to give in order to get the next level in Aikido?
This is an extremely hard work, both for our little students and for adults. And not all, unfortunately, get such a much wider degree of excitement.
However, we have a great senses, a cool instructor who always achieves the goal - Samborska Vera Petrovna ( Vera Samborskaya).
Here and now we sincerely congratulate her on the successful attestation of 2 dan. Saturday's certification once again confirmed that Vira Petrovna not only trained, she put the particle in every movement, every fall, and every technique that she performed at the highest level.
We wish you with such and even greater zeal to go forward to new heights, overcome them and conquer the following. Your protection is a confirmation that you are strong, purposeful and devoted to your work.
Looking forward to your next protection, it will be incredible - we are confident in this.

Photo: Roman Semen