Aikido Yoshinkan Competition

On Saturday, October 27, competitions were organized by our school students.
Proudly we can say - we all grew up !!! During this year, the skills of all without improving significantly exception of students, we have new ones who have just come, but have already reached a high level and won a medal.

Sincerely grateful to all students for the participation - You are young, you showed high results, Confirmed that you are developing, changing, becoming stronger both in body and spirit, you studying and it is interesting to you - therefore, there is an incentive, there is a place to grow, there is something to work on.

Adults managed to prove their worthy level of skill.

In the intense fight, prize-winning places have won:
1st place - Roman Buryy and Volodya Slyva
2nd place - Roman Semen and Taras Zinov
3rd place - Dmitry Khudziy and Vladimir Popov (Vladymir Popov)

Congratulations to the winners, congratulations to all participants, trainers of judges, parents and spectators and ... to the meeting on tatami))