Seminar led by Ulvi Agamirov 2 Dan IYAF

On November 24-25, a workshop led by
was held Ulvi Agamirov 2 Dan IYAF
Sensei Ulvi from Azerbaijan. He overcame a long distance in order to share with us his skills, skills and experience.
With pupils of every age he worked on his own, because he has a special approach to children. He showed new techniques and children were delighted, this is what you can see in the movie and what you can face in the street. Everyone tried to catch every movement as much as possible, and in the "lobbies" it was often possible to hear: "He is cool!"
Thanks to Sensei Ulvi, for his willingness to share knowledge, for the interesting and invaluable experience he has given us.
During these two days of intensive training, we once again became convinced that our children are developing, gaining strength and having lights in their eyes, burning from knowing something new. All the goodies!
Luckily, parents support their children, it is extremely important for them
Thank you to everyone who attended the seminar, joined him.
and we'll meet on the tatami)))