Dolyna City Seminar

On Saturday December 15, we had an interesting trip, an interesting seminar in the city of Dolyna.

This time, the seminar was conducted by Samborskaya Vera (2 dan IYAF)
The first part of the seminar was devoted to classical techniques. They disassembled them into particles.
In the second part, we saw how these classic techniques are applied in real life.
Children perceived the information so cool that they even gave up games
At the end of the seminar there was a competition with Jiyu Waza. Despite the fatigue, our kids at their respectable level showed their technical level and won prize-winning places.
We express gratitude to Sensei Vira Petrovna for sharing her experience with her vision of aikido,
Head of the Dolyna cell Taras Lavriv for the good organization of the seminar, as well as for the development and popularization of aikido.
All the children for their efforts and their parents for the crazy support.

To meet on tatami !!!