Seminar with Tzuneo Ando

On March 9, 10th, a seminar with Tsuneo Ando took place. Our students got an unforgettable experience shared with us by sensei Ando. Important in trifles, even the most straightforward made simple movements bring a colossal result.

We learned to work, to improve our knowledge, to see success in detail. Sensei Ando advised, directed our children, they in turn showed their desire to learn and learn new ones. Although exhausted for two days of intense, but with happy smiles and sparks in the eyes and, of course, the knowledge gained, our students completed the workshop and will now embody their skills in the dojo. Everyone tried and it was extremely))) Well done!

We sincerely thank everyone who joined this event: our students, Sensei, parents, representatives from the city of Dolyna, town of Gorodok, Kyiv.

We look forward to the next visit, where we will show that we learned during this time)))