Dolyna City Seminar

In Dolyna on 20.04 a seminar on aikido yoshinkan under the guidance of Vashchyshyn Volodymyr Andreevich was held.

Already from the very morning our bus departed from Lviv, all students were cheerful and cheerful mood, and good sunny weather helped us.
A wonderful warm meeting was held in the city of Dolyna. The students met, had fun, exchanged positive mood and fighting spirit) The seminar itself was saturated with new techniques, improvement of the acquired knowledge.

We also congratulated Sensei Taras Lavriv on his achievement - 1 Dan Aikido Yoshinkan. Next was a fun cognitive picnic in the nature. Fresh air, warm weather, great mood, competition and delicious sausages - made this day magically memorable for everyone. So thanks to all students, organizers, parents and everyone who has joined our seminar in the m Valley.