Aikido Night 2019

This year the celebration of the last bell in Lviv schools is unusual. We also supported this tradition. On the 24th and 25th of May our students celebrated the end of the school year at night, namely, we had a "Samurai night_2019".

- More than 150 pieces of pizza
- more than 2 000 liters when)))))
- more than 5,000 thousand positive emotions
It's all overnight, and there were two such nights!

The children rejoiced, had fun, of course, trained - because without it)))
After a fruitful exchange of skills, techniques, and physical exercises, everyone is hungry. Backed up, we finished the evening by watching an interesting cartoon.
And then the most interesting part - to sleep in a sleeping bag, in a dojo, and even with a sensei! Of course, they did not invest immediately, because they shared their impressions and emotions, but since the very morning, with the sun, the friendship began to rise)
Reviews of children are the most sophisticated, some asked: and if we repeat, somebody said that he would sleep at home and, coming out of the room from morning to night, all the co-op was sharing his impressions with his parents.
We are happy that our students have got so much emotion!

Therefore, do not stop and ... so ... we will think when it is repeated)))