Koho Ukemi / Koho ukemi – back roll

Koho Ukemi / Koho ukemi – back roll

Koho Ukemi (Koho ukemi) - basic roll

The simplest type of ukemi that is taught during the first session. This type of roll
is used in case of loss of balance to fall safely. It is also often used in the beginning of classes for warming up the body and preparing for further practice.

It is important to follow next rules:

- Squat deep and set hands in front of you, keeping your back straight,
- roll back with your chin pressed against the chest, arms - straight behind your head,
- In the moment when your shoulder blades touch the mat, the body straightens into the line to the top
- It's important to keep feet together
- Use the momentum to take starting position.

Koho Hiaku Ukemi (Koho Hiaku ukemi) - professional roll.

During fast and complex techniques this type of roll allows to stay
safe. Attacker’s dynamic force during the technique is very powerful, so using
this kind of fall, will allow you to use this force for your safe grounding.

It is important to follow these:

- You bend back until you lose the balance,
- Execute a sharp upward foot swing while raising your hand,
- During a fall performing hand clap to the mat,
- Body in the final phase of the fall is a little turned.
- Use the roll from one shoulder to another.