Tai No Henko (1) - basic movement

Tai No Henko Ichi - one of the basic movements of Aikido Yoshinkan. Its main purpose is to develop hip movement while maintaining a stable posture and balance while performing movements. It is important to remember studying this movement: the main task of the body is to achieve coherence with the movement of hands, legs and hips, while maintaining the position of the center line and moving the center of gravity of the body.

At the same time working on this movement we are practicing correct body enter forward (Irimi). Correctly redirecting opponent’s force, who pulls you by the hand, lead him out of balance thus depriving his power and he does not pull, and hold on to your hand to keep from falling . When the opponent has captured you and pulls, you don’t oppose his power, you join it and redirect its motion forward to unbalance the attacker.

Learning Tai No Henko (1) starts from Kamae. In this case we will study of the Migi Hanmi No Kamae (right sided position). Begin the movement with the left foot forward through the position with feet together take a step forward at an angle, so that moving the center of gravity of the body hip will be V-shaped, foot and left foot moved on S-shaped trajectory. The hands at this point change the position turning around elbows down with palms turned to the top. Left hand completes the motion at the forehead level, right - at chest level.

Katana Movement Video: